I’ve been asked several times what kind of cam equipment I make use of for my pet dog photography so I chose to write it down. Just like almost anything, great equipment makes things run even more efficiently. No exception with photography. Now, I’m a Nikon shooter. Yet it has been my experience that in the digital photography world, it depends solely on who you ask regarding which brand is better; Nikon or Canon.

I will certainly state this, they both have strengths as well as weaknesses, they both are wonderful video cameras as well as they both have fantastic lenses. So, I assume it refers personal point of view. If you ask me, I would certainly tell you I shoot with Nikon and also I am really satisfied with Nikon and also I don’t think I will certainly ever before alter, that does not indicate I will not, but it’s really unlikely.

Now, I will introduce you to my photography tools;

The first, and also the majority of loved, is my Nikon D300 video camera body called Buddy

The second is my Nikon 18-200 Virtual Reality lens named Bud

The third is my Nikon SB-900 Speedlight called Pal’s Friend (I named him that due to the fact that no one loves him but me as well as Pal. He blinds every person else).

My three new cams and lenses are Chico, Dud, & Tomas. Chico is a D5000 electronic camera body, Dud is an 18-55 VR lens, Tomas is a 70-300 Virtual Reality lens, and, besides Bud, he is my favored lens.

My favorite combination of electronic camera & lens for dog photography is the D300 as well as 70-300 Virtual Reality, as well as for an around, general objective, do-most-jobs, video camera combination for me is the D300 with the 18-200 Virtual Reality with the SB-900 Speedlight. (I fired a whole wedding celebration with this established).

Now, why select a D300, I began my digital photography career with the D300 with the 18-200 Virtual Reality as well as I will have to say not a far better camera-lens combo ever existed. The D300 has a lot versatility in all kinds of lighting its almost head spinning, the reduced sound ISO is extremely amazing.

Often times I have actually taken really nice photos of deer in the scant pale light early in the early morning with a high ISO with the direct exposure payment established relatively high with extremely pleasing outcomes. Yet the D300 isn’t for every person, with all the buttons, buttons, and menu choices, it takes a little time to obtain used to it as well as understand it. Once you grasp it, the results are well worth it.

On the 18-200 Virtual Reality lens, the shear flexibility zoom power is factor sufficient to buy it. One thing I like regarding the zoom power is the reality that I just have to take one lens to do the work that could take 2 or three lenses. Also I like the Virtual Reality (vibration decrease) capabilities, a couple of times I shut off the VR switch and also tried to take a couple of photos and also the distinction is mind boggling.

I obtained the 70-300 Virtual Reality lens as a functional semi telephoto lens for a very fairly price, and also therefore, it is just one of my favored lenses. Once more like the 18-200, its flexible, high power, as well as vast zoom lens, I can take detailed images of deer at 100 lawns with it and also I don’t have to lug around an 8lb, 15 inch lens throughout the day. Check out this camera sliders overview to learn more about them.

The only reason I obtained the 18-55 VR is it featured the D5000 video camera and lens set and also it was just $100 yet I found it was available in useful when my mom intended to shoot with it when I wish to shoot with my D300 and 18-200 lens. On the D5000, it’s a terrific backup electronic camera which’s what I bought it for. The D5000 is a little, compact, basic, and also it takes a great photo.

Now, I’ll present you to my video camera bags and also backpacks. They are all Lowepro, I’ve utilized a number of different brand names but none have actually pleased me as much as Lowepro; they are difficult, well constructed, flexible, well cushioned, the knapsacks have wonderful harnesses, all around high quality items. I have the;.

Rolling Computer Trekker AW, Rolling Knapsack.
Dryzone Rover Hydration System, Waterproof Backpack.
Nova 2 AW, Shoulder Bag.

I picked the moving computer traveler because it is a moving backpack, a big advantage for photographing pet dog programs as well as places where you do a lot of strolling on reasonably level surface areas, and also it can go on the plane plus it can carry a tripod. The moving trekker is what I call my “base camp” where all my tools remains when I’m not utilizing them.

I make use of the Dryzone Vagabond as well as the Nova for “expedition” the Dryzone is used mainly for my back woods journeys where I need extra points apart from cam devices. The Dryzone is a new addition to my toolbox as well as I’m still placing it through its speeds. My Nova is used for little trips and also keeping the primary cam tools with me if I need to leave my hotel space or something.

A tip for the bags I talked about above; when I go to shows, I take the rolling traveler to the show website and also establish “Base Camp” after that I take the Nova out on “Area Trips” and I’m now utilizing the Dryzone for weekend trips out into the backwoods, the Dryzone’s cam area is big sufficient to take all my camera equipment as well as spare batteries & memory cards, plus, its water-proof.

The Dryzone has two areas, the top component is for general products like food as well as spare socks plus the Hydration water storage tank that featured the pack. The bottom compartment is the waterproof video camera compartment, the devices coordinator within is truly ergonomically designed and I can fit 2 cam bodies, 2 lenses, and also one Speedlight with extra batteries & sd card with also a little area left over.

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